Inspecting the Chevy Traverse

A new video from the Nelsons’ inspecting the Traverse:

Chevy: Traverse, Equinox, or Malibu

In February, some friends and I drove from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN in the Chevy Equinox. In July I joined one of those friends on a summer Traverse adventure to Kentucky, and just a few weeks ago, four of us gals test drove the new Chevy Malibu.

Having seen three sizes, I think I can offer a little insight so that if you’re looking for a new Chevy, you’ll have an idea of which will meet your needs.

Size Matters.

Car, Crossover, Wagon? Really, it depends on your needs. Travel a lot? You’ll want the Traverse with the 3rd row seat you can put down for extra luggage space. Also, if you have more than two children, the Traverse is a must. Let one child sit up front and the others have separate rows to themselves. It guarantees a more peaceful ride to school… Soccer mom? Equinox fits the bill. There’s enough room for gear without leaving you feeling like you have wasted space or you’re driving a wagon. If you plan to stay around town, the Malibu is my pick. Smaller means easier to park, better gas mileage, and surprisingly, it’s roomy and quite sporty.

Good Looks.

The Malibu wins hands down for it’s sporty exterior and elegant interior. It’s more of a business or fashionita pick. But, I was also very impressed with the Equinox and Traverse. Side by side these two appear to be the same car… one just has an extended backend. I’m not much of a wagon girl, so I like the Equinox (read: easier to park!) but the Traverse really isn’t THAT long and it’s still stylish. Your kids won’t be asking you to pull up around the corner at school drop-offs in any of these cars… no, you’ll be the cool mom who can pull right up to the front of the school.

Budget Friendly.

With the Malibu starting around $21, 900 and the Traverse starting at $29,224 you have a really good range of family budget friendliness. Chevy has also worked hard to make sure each of these three cars is fuel efficient, so the savings continues every day for the life of the car.

If I Had to Pick…

The Malibu would win. I only have one child. I travel quite often. And, I really fell in love with the sexy Malibu Pearl