Some Heavy Revy and a New Chevy… Traverse

Talking about manhood issues never bores me.

Besides the fact that there’s vast content available, most men are simply jacked up. Be it emotionally, spiritually, or in some sort of ego-driven performance mentality… fellas are harder on themselves than anyone else.

This week, I get to share with guys at the very first conference for men/dad/husband bloggers… Modern Man Media Summit.

My role in all of this is not so much a technological presentation as much as it is a reason for why men bloggers do what they do: inspire men to be better men.

The title of my talk is:

The Vulnerable Man: How John Wayne and Raymond have failed us.

It’s a collection of concepts I created for my men’s conference called Macho Grace and I really think it’s going to rock some worlds. In fact, I said in an interview that anyone that attended would not leave the same way they came. That’s a pretty hefty claim, but I stand by it.

My talk is going to be honest, blunt, and, as usual, funny in my own casual delivery. Most of all, it’s going to be a transparent look as what it takes to be a real man in this day and time.

Here are the Three Principles to Protecting the Vulnerable Man I’ll be sharing:

1. Law of Mantropy

2. Path of Shameless

3. Way of Man-ish

“What’s the revelation on these three Principles?”, you ask… well you’ll just have to register and find out.

I’m really looking forward to this event. There’s going to be a ton of information, networking with great minds, and maybe I’ll even get to meet Cal Ripken! If there’s anyway you can make this event, please don’t hesitate any longer. Register NOW!

BTW, here’s the latest update on our Chevrolet roadtrip to the event:

Chevrolet Traverse Arrives from on Vimeo.

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