After three days of driving, we’ve made it to Marquette, MI

Wow.  Three days in a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse, three daughters, almost 1,000 or more miles, visits with my one remaining grandma, and time with my dad.  It’s been a great time, and I absolutely recommend the Traverse for travel.

If’ you’ve not been to a Chevrolet dealership lately, you need to get there.

The Traverse is a great car for traveling with kids.  The ride is like being on air.  The road noise is almost nonexistent.  And if you don’t keep an eye on the speedometer, you’ll find you’re going fast.

With the three row setup and three daughters, each can claim their own row.  With a DVD player and wireless headphones, they can watch the Twilight New Moon and I not have to be a part of the experience.  When I want to listen to talk radio up front, the girls can plug in a third set of wired headphones along with the two wireless headphones and listen to the Disney stations.

With the extra space in the back of the car, when I need to put my suitcases, the girls’ suitcases, my dad’s suitcases and even his .22 that we’re going to use out on our land here in Northern Michigan tomorrow, well, there’s room for all of that so that we still have 2-2-1 sitting in the car.  (The third row will hold three if I dared put anyone else in the car, say, like my third-cousin who we picked up for lunch in Milwaukee and went down to the waterfront.)

And look, as we drove through Illinois, we passed a Red Jewel Traverse just like the one we’re in.  

Okay, it’s bed time.  Big day tomorrow.  We’re going out to our land.  We’re going to the remnants of KI Sawyer AFB.  We’re going to Presq Isle in Marquette.  And who knows after that.

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