2 Moms + 4 Kids + Chevy Traverse = Adventure

Call us crazy, label us insane, whatever you want; we won’t be offended. The truth is, we’re questioning ourselves! 800+ miles one way with four kids? You’d have to be a little crazy to try it, and Chevrolet must have had a lapse in judgment, cause really, who loans out a nice new car to two crazy people with four kids?

Chevy TraverseThe adventure started much too early on a Monday morning… day after the July 4th holiday to be exact. Hoping our kids would be totally exhausted and sleep most of the trip we packed everyone up and headed out. Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee; by the time we reached Kentucky the excitement of the adventure had worn off and everyone, even the moms, felt cranky. However, Jasper (that’s what we named the Traverse) kept right on trecking. As long as we kept him full he acted happy to be on the road.

On the trip east we had perfect weather, almost no construction, and very few delays. My biggest worry was navigating my mom and dad’s driveway, but the Traverse climbed the hill and dodged the potholes like a pro!

Jasper soon learned that driving 800 miles over interstates and parkways was the least of his worries. These crazy gals planned to take him whirring around in the mountains, over hills, navigating sharp turns, and making him all around dizzy. But, he rose to the task and never once complained. In fact, I gave him the 5-star mountain driving award! Of all the cars I’ve driven in the mountains, none hugged the road and made me feel safer than the Chevy Traverse.

The highlight of Jasper’s adventure was going to Gatlinburg, TN! He got to drive through the big Smoky Mountains, (much more impressive than the small Appalachians), and he enjoyed all the little stops and comfy parking lots which where a huge upgrade from the gravel driveway he’d been sitting in. Gatlinburg was fun for us too! We put on our walking shoes and tourist faces and enjoyed the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, a walk through town with a visit to a candy shop and a Claire’s for some sunglasses. The following day we spent the entire day, night, and part of the next day at Wilderness at the Smokies resort and water park while Jasper took a nice little vacation to rest his tires.

After we’d all cooled off we headed back to Kentucky for a few days. Just before heading back home we took Jasper on one last sight-seeing trip down to Cumberland Falls State Park and Resort. It’s really a shame that Jasper wasn’t allowed down to see the falls, but I think he enjoyed his shady spot under a tree while we hiked and took pictures.

One the way home, the Traverse was a little weighed down, with all our goods, but he seemed to be ok with that. He navigated construction zones, performed excellently in the pouring rain, and his XM Radio kept the tunes coming all the way home. Like MommaDJane and myself, I’m sure Jasper was happy to see the Texas state line and know he was almost home. Just a few more hours of chasing fireflies and lulling children to sleep and he’d be snug and safe in Dwan’s driveway. 🙂

Want to see pictures from our Chevy Traverse Adventure?

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Who Are the Crazy Women?

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  1. Thanks, Donny, for letting me take up some space on your blog. 🙂 I think it’s great that you have so many points of view here in one place!!

    Loved Allie’s review and her pics are gorgeous!

  2. Great review, Erica! We may have been crazy but we sure had fun! I’d do it again anytime.

  3. I agree, the Chevy Traverse is the best vehicle I’ve driven or been a passenger of (besides my husband’s cousin’s souped up Jeep Cherokee) for taking on mountain roads. Nice name for the Traverse…Jasper…a very common rock where y’all went driving!

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