The Traverse Adventures

What happens when a major automobile manufacturer puts bloggers in a Chevrolet Traverse and let’s them explore America? Simple. @DaddyClaxton, @ScrewedUpTexan, and @EricaMueller, @papiblogger@MochaDad and now @AngusNelson head in all directions with one of the coolest family cars on the road!

This is a website about Adventure.  Enjoying the Adventure in life has become the very essence to the blogging of Donny Claxton on his personal blogging site. Now it’s expanding!  Do you have a Traverse Adventure to share?

The goal here with is to help show you how the new Chevrolet products are exciting and ready for new family adventures all across the nation.  Do you have a Traverse Adventure you’d like to share?

Stay tuned here for upcoming videos of our exciting trips.